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Health Professions in the News: Doctor shortage could ease as Obamacare boosts nurses, physician assistants

Forbes (November 4, 2013)

“Though a physician shortage appears inevitable as more Americans get health coverage under the Affordable Care Act, new research indicates new primary care models using nurse practitioners and physician assistants could eliminate the scarcity of primary-care doctors. Researchers at the nonprofit...

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Health Professions in the News: Five Ways to Cure California’s Doctor Shortage

California Health Care Foundation (January 11, 2019)

We know that primary care is essential for good health, but access to primary care in California varies greatly, with large swaths of the state competing for attention from increasingly fewer doctors. The primary care shortage is complex, rooted in decisions that future doctors make long before they...

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Health Professions in the News: Will free medical school lead to more primary care physicians?

Association of American Medical Colleges (12-02-2019)

As schools move to reduce or eliminate student debt, some hope that more students will choose primary care specialties. Here’s why that might not happen. Read the full story here.

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Health Professions in the News: Employer-based Clinics: A New Practice Setting

Health Careers (January 6, 2020)

"Now at least 30 independent vendors offer on-site, near-site and shared employer clinics that cover the entire spectrum," Boress says. This means first aid, triage, acute and episodic care, primary care, disease management, and wellness. They may include full pharmacies, coaching, behavioral health...

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