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Health Professions in the News: L.A. County Approves Nearly $41M For Psychiatric Urgent Care Centers, Mental Health Crisis Response Teams

California Healthline (November 13, 2014)

On Wednesday, Los Angeles County supervisors approved $40.9 million in state funding to be used for three new 24-hour psychiatric urgent care centers. Law enforcement officers will be able to bring individuals with mental health problems to the facilities instead of emergency departments or jails...

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Health Professions in the News: Culinary Medicine’s Next Wave: How Therapists Are Using The Rituals Of Eating To Treat Victims Of Trauma

New Food Economy (April 5, 2018)

From birth, Jessica says, she was sexually abused. Until she was 14, she was a victim of sex trafficking. And then she entered into an abusive relationship. That abuse, and the trauma she built up during those experiences of acute powerlessness, had broken her. She was always on guard, she says, super...

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