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Reports and Resources: Rx for a New Health Care Workforce: Promising Practices and Their Policy Implications

Jobs for the Future (April 2010)

Health care reform engaged the nation in intense debate about increasing coverage, lowering costs, and improving quality. Largely missing from the conversation over the legislation was the need for a skilled health care workforce, particularly on the front lines of care — among the men and women who...

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Reports and Resources: Impact of National Health Care Reform on California's Health Care Workforce

University of California, San Francisco and University of California, Berkeley (October 2010)

The new health care reform law will substantially increase the number of Californians who have health insurance. While the new law provides a major opportunity to improve the health of Californians, it also poses a major challenge for California's health care organizations. Insuring more people will...

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Reports and Resources: Urban Institute: ACA will help healthcare, but not overall economy

Healthcare Finance News (March 28, 2011)

"The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will have little net effect on overall employment but should provide a modest boost in healthcare sector employment, according to the Urban Institute." The study found that health care reform will not the economy and job market as a whole, but "will...

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Reports and Resources: Rural Americans face greater lack of healthcare access: report

Reuters (July 27, 2011)

A recent comprehensive, nationwide report on rural healthcare access proves that health workforce shortages hit rural America hardest and have consequences on the well-being of citizens. The problem will only grow as more rural Americans become insured, but the report does suggest some solutions...

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