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Health Professions in the News: Kaiser’s Medical School Offers Opportunity To Change Medical Education

The Sacramento Bee (December 24, 2015)

Kaiser Permanente recently announced plans to open a medical school in 2019. Kaiser’s move into medical education has the potential to transform the way doctors are trained in an evolving health care landscape. The modern medical curriculum was developed in 1910 after the publication of the Flexner...

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Health Professions in the News: Employer-based Clinics: A New Practice Setting

Health Careers (January 6, 2020)

"Now at least 30 independent vendors offer on-site, near-site and shared employer clinics that cover the entire spectrum," Boress says. This means first aid, triage, acute and episodic care, primary care, disease management, and wellness. They may include full pharmacies, coaching, behavioral health...

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